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Our Focus
To minimise waste, and perpetuate a circular economy. 

Behind the Team

As a first time mum, I quickly came to realise just how much waste having a child could create. I made a decision to reduce this where ever I could, buying second hand and reusing as much as possible. I discovered that most baby items were used for a few months at most. Clothing was one of the worst as she could grow into and then out of a size within a few weeks!

Gathered is my step towards a solution to this problem. 

Local community and why we're different
HK has some great high end pre-loved children's shops but none that deal additionally in fast fashion or high street brands. Items that are more affordable usually end in the trash faster, with a huge portion never worn and still with tags on. These tend to be considered low cost enough to toss without too much thought, but end up creating the bulk of clothing waste, damaging the environment.

Mama Pins
Mama Pins is a side project that gives mamas and caretakers a voice when sometimes it's hard to be heard or when a language barrier gets in the way. Mama pins are solid metal pins with a safety clasp, designed to be worn on clothes (adults only), prams and carriers in a safe place where your child can not reach. 

Lots of love
<3 Ash + Z

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