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Dear mamas, papas and friends, we are a mama and baby team setting up a small business in the name of sustainability, but we need your help. We are looking to collect used baby clothes from any brand including fast

fashion that cannot be sold on platforms such as Retykle.

Up to 90 percent of clothing donations to Goodwill, Salvation

Army, and other charities ends up with textile recyclers. We

hope to make real cash donations whilst saving more waste

from landfills. The most sustainable clothing is one you already

have in your closet, or one someone else already has in theirs.

We hope to provide an affordable shopping destination for

families to buy perfectly usable outfits without adding to this

planet's consumption problem.

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Keeping a circular economy is entirely a community based concept and we believe in giving back to the community we live in. Part of this is our promise to pledge 20% of our profits to a Hong Kong based Charity at the end of each financial year.

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