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This pin is for any care giver frustrated by well meaning (or sometimes aggressive) strangers telling you to mask your young baby under two years of age.

Personally my Cantonese is limited, I wasn't always able to explain that I felt it unsafe to mask my child, especially when I was unable to closely supervise her breathing in the pram or facing forward in a carrier, or when she walked off to play or explore.

After being approached on a daily bases, I needed to find a way to make this statement without bumbling in broken Canto or getting into a debate on the streets of Hong Kong.

This Pin is 4 inches wide, small enough to be worn easily but large enough to be able to read. With a safety pin style clasp, this can be pinned on prams, carriers or adult clothing.

Please keep away from children's hands, feet and face and be careful of this sharp end!


Wearing masks are a great way to prevent the spread of illness and viruses. I am in full support of the mask rules and requirements in Hong Kong. I also understand some parents feel safer putting a mask on their young children.

However the World Health Organisation has stated that: "Children aged 5 years and under should not be required to wear masks. This is based on the safety and overall interest of the child and the capacity to appropriately use a mask with minimal assistance"

Hong Kong Government has taken this a step further saying:
For safety reasons, mask-wearing is not recommended for
• Children below age of 2 without supervision.
• People with difficulty breathing.
• People need assistance to remove the mask.

Please follow government masks rules in your country.


*** Free Shipping within Hong Kong ***

Mama Pins - I am under two and a mask is not suitable for me yet

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